So you have made a decision to enrol your child in a day care centre? It’s a tough decision which parents of young children have to make. No matter what their reason is to send their child to day care, it should be made while keeping all of the following things in mind.

When choosing a child care in Townsville

Once you have decided to send your child to a child care in Townsville, make sure to ask the following questions. Asking the right questions would help you make an informed decision.

  • When you visit the day care make sure to look at the physical environment of the place. Is it neat ad well kept? The environment should be such that your child is safe and secure in it. It should look clean and inviting.
  • Take a look at the way the staff interacts with the children. Do they have opportunities for one on one interaction? Of course at a child care you can’t expect your child to get complete attention, but check out the ratio of the caregivers to the number of children.
  • Ask the child care centers if they have any policy for children when they are feeling sick or if they suffer any injury on site.
  • What kind of safety practices they have? Is the place fire hazard secure? In case of a natural calamity how would they manage children this small?
  • Some day cares have special staff which specializes in first aid and CPR for infants and toddlers. Does your child care have such individuals
  • Do they have a protocol when it comes to administering medications when the need arises?
  • Also do they have policies in order to manage food allergies? Meals served at a day care are same for every child. If your child suffers a certain food allergy you need to make sure the admin knows about it. They would then be able to provide a substitute for your child.
  • What kind of activities do they have to help stimulate the child’s mental and physical abilities? So they place emphasis on social activities. It is important for your child to learn important social skills while at day care. These social skills come in handy when they are about to enroll for kindergarten.
  • Do they have activities like puzzles and Legos? Things which help a child think and become more creative. Building blocks is a great way to stimulate a child’s creativity. Also do they offer any type of reading program? The importance of reading can’t be stressed enough.
  • Get to know what supplies the day care would provide your child and what supplies are you supposed to send from home. In case of very young children most centers require parents to send a blankie so the child feels safe and secure.
  • Are they offering well balanced meals for the children? Are the meals cooked the centre or do they have it catered from somewhere.

Asking all these questions would help you choose the right child care in Townsville.