Each parent is deeply concerned with the wellbeing of their children. Sadly, they cannot be around them all the time. Research indicates that about 70 per cent of mothers work outside the home. When it’s time to report back to work, the most probable place to leave a child in a childcare centre.

There are numerous child care centres around, catering to the needs of working-class moms. These centres offer exceptional care services to your child since they have trained caregivers. Additionally, the caregivers and childcare centres are licenced to operate.

Any mom will want their child to get valuable socialisation whether you opt for in-home care, family daycare or a normal child care centre. Basically, you should find a place that should allow the wellbeing of your child. Thus, you can consider the below factors.


While most parents would consider the safety, health and proper growth of their babies, it is vital to find the cost. The cost of Burwood childcare centres charges varies greatly. You’ll need to compare the facilities versus the amount of money they charge. But, in most cases, a childcare centre is the most affordable option.

Staff-children interaction

The way the staff interacts with children determines the growth and happiness of your child. A well-trained caregiver will stop at nothing to ensure that the children are happy, including playing with them. Typically, a caregiver who holds children on their lap or plays with them on the floor, especially in their early years is what you must consider.

At early stages, babies need attention – love, care and positive interaction with adults. Therefore, a warm and responsive environment is extremely important.

Children caregiver ratio

Experts recommend that with a proper staffing ratio, i.e., one adult to 3 babies of up to 12 months, babies can grow up well. For toddlers, i.e., 13 to 30 months, one staffer can attend to four of them effectively. This is an ideal situation that most daycares may not meet.

For proper management, Burwood childcare centres, like other childcare centres, put the children in groups of up to 8 babies, and two staffers manage each group.  As the kids grow, the number increases per caregiver.

Childcare accreditation

Licencing from the state is not a guarantee that your child will be safe. However, it shows that the institution you are dealing with has met the required set safety and health standard of operations. With such an institution, the chances are that your child will be safer as compared to those not licenced.

Child care philosophy/policies

Both you and the childcare must aggress on some philosophies of raising a child. You must be comfortable with policies concerning television, early education, soothing, discipline, and feeding, which are provided by the childcare centre.

For instance:

  • Discipline – what is the mode of discipline? It is timeouts or scolding
  • Feeding – what kind of snacks and drinks do they give older babies?
  • Sleeping – at what times does the caregiver allow napping, and for how long?

Do not forget to inquire about the sick-child policy and the backup plans in the event a caregiver is not around.

Asking open-ended questions can help concerning different aspects can help you arrive at an informed decision. Taking your child to childcare is a major decision. So ensure that you are comfortable with all the terms first. Check out Burwood child care – Being 3. Visit their facilities and ask questions from their staff to get a clear grasp of how they can help in caring for your child.