When kids are separated from their caregivers or parents and taken to kindergarten, they start experiencing separation anxiety. This is a very common issue among so many kids in the kindergartens in bentleigh. Though this is a very normal part in every child’s development, it can affect the emotional well being of the child. Therefore, if you manage a kindergarten or you are an educator in the kindergarten and a parent, you have to learn how to manage this issue when you realize that there are kids experiencing separation anxiety.

Strategies For Managing Separation Anxiety Among in Kindergarten in Bentleigh

The following are some strategies that you can use to manage separation anxiety among the children in kindergarten in Bentleigh:

Establishing a consistent and predictable routine

One of the main reasons why kids develop separation anxiety  is because they do not feel comfortable and secure in their new environment you are exposing them to.  Fortunately, when you establish routines that are both predictable and consistent for the kids, they will have an easy time transitioning making them feel more safe and secure. This involves things like routine arrival and departure times, activity schedules, break times  and meal times.  Consistency and predictability  helps kids to develop stability which will reduce the anxiety and help them feel safe and familiarise with other kids.

Gradually introduce them to kindergarten environment

This is something that parents should do before they take their kids to the kindergarten in bentleigh. Provide your child with the opportunity to visit the kindergarten and classrooms before they start going to kindergarten. This gives them the chance to explore the new environment they will be exposed to and interact with the would-be teachers. Gradual introduction also helps kids build confidence and trust with their new caregivers and surroundings.

Provide support and reassurance

When you realise that a kid or kids are having separation anxiety . there is no need for you to shame them or punish them since this is a normal stage. Instead, you have to reassure them that it is normal for them to feel sad when their loved ones leave them. Also, ensure that you offer them all the help that they need to feel comfortable and safe in the new environment since this will ensure that they stop feeling anxious every time they arrive at the kindergarten.

Give them transitional object

Transitional objects like favorite toys, family photos and blankets provide security and comfort to kids when they are separated from their loved ones. Therefore if you notice that a child has separation anxiety , encourage them to bring a transitional object from home so that they have them during the day,. the transitional object will serve as a familiar reminder of their home and loved ones. The object will also help them feel connected to their loved ones.

Foster strong relationships

Another way of managing kids with separation anxiety  in the kindergarten is building strong and supportive relationships with the kids and their parents. This way, you get to create a sense of security and trust in their new environment. Therefore,ensure that you take your time to know all your learners individually including their preferences, family dynamics and interests. Partner with their parents so that you can offer these children emotional support that will help them transition easily.

Make your kindergarten warm and welcoming

When a child feels like they are in an environment that is harsh, they will develop separation anxiety . This is why all kindergartens should create warm and welcoming kindergartens. This way, the children who come to this environment will feel reassured and safe, preventing them from getting separation anxiety .

It is normal for kids to have separation anxiety  when they join kindergarten in Bentleigh. However, it is important that you do all you can to ensure that you provide help to the kids suffering from separation anxiety. Luckily you now have the strategies that you can use to provide support and manage kids with separation anxiety.

Let your child join Bentleigh kindergarten today, so that they can start to grow and develop.