Looking to buy some art prints in Brisbane? Until you work in an art gallery or are a curator, choosing art may not come to you naturally. The simple thought of visiting a gallery might seem like a tough task. It’s common for anyone to feel intimidated. You may consider whether a certain print is suitable for your wall or room. The different sizes might puzzle you as well. However choosing the right kind of art prints may not be so difficult if you keep the following things in mind.

Go for whatever appeals to you

Since, it’s you who wants to buy art for their homes, it is obvious that the choice should be based on what actually appeals to you. Just because your friends have chosen neutral prints and designs doesn’t mean that you should go for these as well. On the other hand if you like vibrancy and bright colors, then you may want to invest in pieces which are vivid and eye catching. However the art should be the expression and the rest of the home décor should complement it. If you are decorating your home and have chosen the art first, make sure that the color scheme of the room complement the art and makes it a focal point instead of taking away from it. The key is to make sure that there isn’t a great deal going on in a room.


Choosing the right sized art prints

You have got to be particular about the size of the art prints. It’s important to keep the dimensions of the room in your mind before buying art prints. You can choose one or two large pieces and make sure you complement these with a few small sized ones. If you plan on buying oversized art prints these should simply be the focal point of the room and can do well when used on a standalone basis.

Large frames on the other hand can be complemented with a few small sized ones. Medium pieces though look better when grouped with other medium sized paintings to create a series. Small pints can be ideal for a room which is small yet needs wall décor.

There are other things which should be kept in mind as well, these include:

  • Also keep in mind that any picture shouldn’t be two third longer than your sofa or bedding.
  • All frames should be placed at fifteen to twenty centimeters away from the furniture
  • If you are looking to decorate a big wall but favor smaller frames, make sure you collect more frames to create a look which is appealing and aesthetic.
  • Also consider the room height when choosing art prints. The painting should be enough to fill in the length and width
  • Choose art pieces which are similar in style to create a look of balance and harmony. This could be similarity in color scheme or even in style. You may choose bohemian or rustic. Go for whatever appeals to your aesthetic sense.