What are your hours?

Tuesday – Friday: 11am-4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm-4pm

The gallery is closed for Thanksgiving weekend, from Thursday through Sunday; and for the winter break between Christmas and New Year’s.  Please call the gallery for the exact closure dates.

Can I bring a group to visit the gallery?

If you would like to bring a group to the gallery to visit an exhibition, please contact the gallery beforehand to ensure that there isn’t already a group using the space.  We want to make sure that everyone has a pleasurable and uncrowded experience visiting the Joseloff Gallery.  Occasionally, arrangements can be made to have someone from the gallery speak to your group about the exhibition on display.  Please be sure to inquire about a speaker when you call to reserve the gallery for your group.

Can I take pictures of the exhibition?

For most exhibitions, photography is permitted, but please check with the gallery staff to be sure.

What am I allowed to bring into the gallery?

Except for certain special events, food and drink are not permitted in the gallery.  Portfolios, backpacks and large bags, as well, are not permitted in the gallery. Sketchbooks, notebooks, and computers are welcome, we just ask that you respect the visitors around you and do not sit or lay on the floor while working.

I have limited mobility, will the gallery accommodate my wheelchair or mobility aid?

Absolutely. The gallery is handicapped accessible. The sidewalk adjacent to the K-Visitor parking lot leads to a ramp that brings you to the gallery’s front door.  Should you be unable to stand for long periods and require a place to rest while visiting the gallery, a member of the gallery staff can provide you with a folding stool to make your visit more comfortable.

Any other questions?  Please email us, or call 860-768-4090.