Press Release: Paper Movies – Koopman Photography Exhibition (Melissa Catanese and Ed Panar)

Press Release: 2015 Hartford Art School Faculty Exhibition

Hartford Courant 09/09/15 “The Cutting Edge”

Press Release: +/- (Plus/Minus), the Kohn Joseloff Guest Curator Series Exhibition

Press Release: Impulse/Control – Koopman Painting Exhibition (David Humphrey and Dannielle Tegeder)


Hartford Courant 09/23/14 “Paper Perfect”

Art New England September/October 2014 Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction

Press Release: Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction, the 7th International Distinguished Artists Symposium and Exhibition

Press Release: Double Feature – Koopman Design Exhibition (Bonnie Siegler and Clif Stoltze)


Press Release: 2013 Faculty Exhibition

Press Release: Garmany Recitals at the Joseloff Gallery Funded by Gift from HFPG

Press release: LINES + SPACES, Officially Launching the Joseloff Gallery Guest Curator Series

Press Release: Epilogue, the 2013 Illustration BFA Senior Exhibition

Press Release: 2013 Goldfarb Student Exhibition

Press Release: McCarty & Payne – Koopman Illustration Exhibition (Peter McCarty and C. F. Payne)


Press Release: 2012 Hartford Art School Faculty Exhibition

Hartford Advocate 09/06/12 “The Joseloff Gallery in Hartford Celebrates the Art of Stephen Brown”

Hartford Advocate 08/30/12 “Self Portrait: Joseloff Gallery in West Hartford”

Hartford Courant 08/29/12 “Stephen Brown Exhibits at University of Hartford, Brick Walk Fine Art”

West Hartford News 08/28/12 “Joseloff Gallery to Open Exhibition by Stephen Brown”

Art New England, October 2012, “Stephen Brown: Legacy” at the Joseloff Gallery

The Canton News 08/22/2012 “Joseloff Gallery to Feature Paintings by Stephen Brown”

Press Release: Stephen Brown: Legacy

Hartford Observer, Winter 2012 “Beauty is a Rare Thing”

Press Release: 2012 Goldfarb Student Exhibition


Press Release: Rare Beauty: Contemporary Visions in Book Arts – Koopman Printmaking Exhibition

Press Release: 2011 Hartford Art School Faculty Exhibition

Hartford Courant 08/25/11 “Heavy Paintings From Leslie Wayne” 08/25/11 “Leslie Wayne: Recent Work at Joseloff Gallery”

Press Release: Leslie Wayne: Recent Work 04/28/11 “Mary Miss Exhibit at Joseloff Gallery”

Press Release: Mary Miss: City as Living Laboratory, Hartford

Enfield Patch 03/01/11 “Dan Army of Enfield Wins Prestigious Art Prize” 02/28/11 “Alexander A. Goldfarb Student Exhibition gets an A+”

Press Release: 2011 Goldfarb Student Exhibition


Press Release: Chuck Close

Press Release: 2010 Goldfarb Student Exhibition

Press Release: 2010 Faculty Exhibition


Waterbury Republican-American 11/15/2009 “Painting Figures on the Comeback Trail”

Press Release: Enchantment

Waterbury Republican American 05/03/2009 “Vision That Inspires” 04/13/2009 “Nancy Graves Exhibit at the University of Hartford”

Press Release: Nancy Graves


Press Release: Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art


Artnet “The Triumph of the Big D”

New York TImes 12/9/2007 “Fresh Eyes on a Colorful Movement” 11/16/2007 “Fabric and Tapestry as Art” 11/13/2007 “Postdec @ Joseloff Gallery”


Hartford Courant 10/16/2005 “Building for the People”

Hartford Courant  9/23/2005 “Samuel Mockbee Exhibit at UofH”

Press Release: Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio


Hartford Courant 09/12/2004 “The Body Electric”

New York Times 09/14/2004 “Works from the Trove of an Adventurous Collector”

Larry Bloom’s Notebook “Carry Grant, Nude”


Hartford Courant 09/3/2003 “Off Their Walls”

Preview Connecticut “The Collectors”

Hartford Courant 02/25/2003 “Artist Unearths the Present”


New York Times 12/8/2002 “On the Outlook for Danger in the Air”

Hartford Courant 10/28/2002 “The New Home Front”


Hartford Courant 12/6/2001 “Media Arts Exhibit at UofH Shatters Assumptions”

Hartford Advocate  11/29/2001 “Tricky Bits & Pieces”

Hartford Courant 05/8/2001 “Holocaust History Lost & Found”

New York Times 01/1/2001 “Grand in Purpose: From Beast to Seed”


Hartford Advocate 05/4/2000 “Elephant in the Parlor”


New York Times 5/16/1999 “Two Artists Sure Enough to Take Chances”

The Chronicle of Higher Education 1/18/1999 “Figures in a Limbo Of Loneliness Evoke Suffering of the Modern World”

New York Times 1/3/1999 “How 20 Artist Treat the Human Body 20 Different Ways”


Hartford Advocate 11/12/1998 “Let Us hear Your Body Talk”

Hartford Courant 11/8/1198 “Kitaj Defies Convention, British Critics by Defending His Work”

New York Arts 10/1998 Extensions: Aspects

Hartford Courant 6/14/1998 “Abstract Rebellion”

The Chronicle of Higher Education 1/16/1998 “Ancient Traditions, New Forms”

New York Times 1/4/1998 “Korean Art, Inventive, Intricate, Meticulous”


Hartford Courant 12/28/1997 “Introducing 10 New Modern Korean Artists”

Hartford Courant 11/9/1997 “Contemporary Echoes of Korean Culture”

Hartford Courant 6/1/1997 “At the Joseloff Gallery, Art that turns on Itself and our Society”

New York Time 2/16/1997 “Unsettling Images from an Unsettled Land”

The Chronicle of Higher Education 2/14/1997 “Recreating the Reality of South Africa’s Landscape”

Hartford Courant 1/26/1997 “South African Art Embraces Hope for Reconciliation”


Hartford Courant 11/8/1996 Bourgeious’ Expression of Freedom

New York Times 6/9/1996 “Beauty and Curiosities in Exhibition of Judaica”

Hartford Courant 4/21/1996 “Bikel, Kalb Among Speaker in Judiac Lecture Series”

New York Time 1/7/1996 “On the Edge: Where Nature comes Together with Culture”


New York Times 10/2/1194 “Thomas Cole, Landscape painter and Chronicler of Life’s Cycles”

Hartford Courant 8/31/1994 “Artist Sees Beauty in the Bothersome”

New York TIme 5/22/1994 “When Color and Shaper were a Formal Pair”

New York Times 5/4/1994 “Three 60’s Art Stars Rise and Shine Again”

Hartford Courant 4/24/1994 “The Lasting Legacy of Bennington”

New York Times 1/2/1994 “Exploring the links of Color, Lines and Forms”


Hartford Courant 12/19/1993 “Reconsidering von Wiegand as a Significant Artist”

Hartford Courant 11/21/1993 “Divinely Abstract”

New York Time 6/6/1993 “Back East, A California-born Master of the Deadpan”

Hartford Courant 4/18/1993 “Fancy and Free”

New York Times 1/3/1993 “Sculptors Face-Off in Two Part Harmony”

Hartford Courant 6/7/1993 “Alber’s Exhibit Gives Peek into What Makes him Tick”


New York Times 5/24/1992 “Right time for a Deeper Look at Josef Albers”

Hartford Courant 5/4/1992 “Exhibit Comes to Rescue of Albers, Painter”

New York Times 4/12/1992 ” ‘Ritual Journeys’ of Assemblages at the University of Hartford”


New York Times 12/19/1991 “Exhibitions Examine Human Anatomy and Human Folly”

New York Times 9/29/1991 “Brazilian Sculptor, Celebrated at Home, Gets a Belated U.S Debut”

Hartford Courant 9/11/1991 “Brazilian Sculptor Brings his Cowhide and Concepts Here”