The Linked Ring

November 21, 2008 through February 2, 2009

The Linked Ring featured the 2008/2009 Georgette and Richard Koopman Chairs Distinguished in Photography at the Hartford Art School: Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher, known as Aziz + Cucher, and Jerry Spagnoli. These artists were joined by a distinguished group of 20th century photographers including Adam Fuss, Vera Lutter, Loretta Lux, Ray metzker, Abelardo Morell, Martin Parr, Lucas Samaras, and Miroslav Tichy.

The Linked Ring was curated by Zina Davis.

Panel discussion: November 20
Featuring Anthony Aziz, Sammy Cucher, and Jerry Spagnoli. Moderated by Merry Foresta, director of the Smithsonian Photography Initiative.

Photography by David Stansbury Photography